Vanessa + Armen | The Saguaro Hotel Wedding

Creative Team:

Venue: @saguarohotels
Planner: @dreamscometrueweddingplanning/
Florist: @jasmineroseweddings
Bride's Attire: Etsy, Wardrobe By Dulcinea
DJ: @danilwren
Caterer: @saguarohotels

How did you two meet?

At a bar (Specs Twelve Adler) during a mutual friend's birthday in San Francisco. There are various versions of the events that followed and I'm really bad at keeping our story straight, because it's not a family-friendly one, but to sum it up we started dating and fell in love about a month later and stayed together forever after. For further details, please submit: alcohol. (Kidding.)

Tells us about the proposal.

Has anyone ever surprised you late at night after you got out of the shower? Most people would say, no, that sounds like a horror movie. But in this case it was a good surprise. Emphasis on the word surprise. I was definitely surprised.