Gracie + Carl | Joshua Tree Elopement

Creative Team:

Epic Elopement Curator & Officiant: @letsgetmarriedbymarie
Photography: @jennandpawel
Florals: @thenatureofthings
Brides Attire: @anthropologie⠀⠀

He Said…

When and how did you and your partner meet?
We met at the Philadelphia flower show in winter of 2010 and I'd be a liar if I said I remember that well. We got to know each other through a common social circle in Philadelphia (Gracie was friends with and casually dated a roommate of mine, Jordan, and we had a common new friend, Nathan).

What did you first think of him/her?
She was fun, quirky. I've always been attracted to differences, and that we were very different was one of my defining thoughts of her.

She Said…

When and how did you and your partner meet?
During my last year of college I attended the Philadelphia flower show with a friend. That friend brought another friend, and the friend of my friend brought *their* friend who was Carl. We met there.

What did you first think of him/her?
He was quiet, but I thought he was sweet. He kept going off on his own looking at the flowers with big eyes and a smile on his face I've come to know fondly. He can bring a sense of childlike wonderment to such simple things, like watching an octopus at the aquarium or looking at an ancient tree. I brought a bouquet of proteas and had him stick his finger in the middle of one, because the flower absorbs your finger...he giggled doing it.