Bridgett + Alex | Joshua Tree Elopement

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Epic Elopement Curator & Officiant: @letsgetmarriedbymarie
Florals: @thenatureofthings

He Said…

What is your favorite story about the two of you together?
I would to say when I had to make the biggest lie up and do whatever I can to make it to the bar to see her. I knew if I missed this moment that I would of lost her. We had all made plans to go to this bar Dillion’s and she really implied that she wanted me to go. So I made it my mission to just to hear my boss still tell me no. So I came up with this brake problem and couldn’t take any deliveries and needed to go home to fix it. He said yes and what did I do , drive off in the car that had bad breaks haha. I made it to the bar and in one moment with her in front of me I asked if I can kiss her. When we kissed I jus just remember silence. No music no people just me and her. And in that moment I knew I had to have her. She was worth all I got to give and more.

What did you first think of her?
That she was fun, big heart , and some one I can talk to about anything. As I say “perfectly imperfect “

She Said…

What is your favorite story about the two of you together?
I remember one time we planned a date night we ended up at a shitty restaurant with some nasty smelling food it started pouring rain we parked really far we went to a movie after and the movie was super shitty as well and we both agreed that it was the shittiest Date ever but we laughed all night

What did you first think of him?
When I first met him I thought he was really funny and I knew I made him nervous LOL