Your engaged and we have picked the date for your engagement session...Now what are you going to wear?  We put together a little guide to help guide you to finding the perfect outfit.  Most importantly we want you to be comfortable and have fun! You will have a much better time which will make for better photos.  These suggestions are meant to serve as a guideline to help you decide what to wear to your engagement session.  We strongly urge you to be yourselves.  The best way to describe it is to dress up a notch or two more than you normally would, but pick outfits that are YOU!  Be sure that you are dressed to have fun!  I want to make sure that you are so comfortable with us by the day of your wedding, that you will not give your wedding photography a second thought.

First and Foremost “Dress Like You”

The last thing you want is to look back at all your pictures and not recognize yourself I suggest wearing something that you feel great in. You want to pick something that fits you well and flatters your shape, but remember to have fun.  You also want to be comfortable!  This is important because if you spend the entire session worrying about having to adjust all of your accessories or tugging at your belt or sleeves then this is going to take away from your photos and distract your photographer.  Truly the best photos are the ones where the couple is just being themselves. So above all, wear an outfit you’re comfortable in and that features your style.

Colors and Patterns

You want to coordinate your colors.  Now this doesn’t mean matchy-matchy, it just means that you wear colors that compliment each other and pieces that have common shades. Your color can be bold.  Yes, black is slimming and white looks clean but they don’t always come out well in photos, you may want to pick a bright color that will stand out.  Consider patterns and prints.  I know that may seem a bit scary, but done right they can look great in photos. Just make sure it’s one that is flattering and hits you in the right places! Also, stay clear of logos and designs on shirts, etc. To balance the print you can have your fiancé wear a solid color.

Yay For Layers

This is one of my favorite looks!  Clothes photograph better when they are layered so don’t be afraid go ahead and add a cardigan, blazer or jacket to your look.  The layered look is always great for winter and urban settings.

Jeans Jeans Jeans

It’s okay to wear jeans to your engagement session, I love jeans and will probably be wearing them to your session, but try mixing it up and be creative.  If you wear normal blue jeans try mixing patterns and fabrics on top.  You could also try rocking a pair of floral print jeans! Pair your jeans with a bright statement color blouse or accessorize your outfit with jewelry and/or scarves. 

Remember – You’re Going to the Same Event

 You and your fiancé want to look like you’re headed to the same place.  Make sure you both dress on the same level, no need for you two to match, but coordinate your outfits in both style and color. If you are going to be wearing a nice dress then your fiancé might want to consider a pair of dark pants and a dress shirt.  If you’re going casual and want to wear denim then you can have him wear a nice blazer or sweater and jazz it up with a tie. The colors don’t need to be the same it’s actually better if they are not. If you are wearing blue, then find complimentary shades of light and dark for your partner.

Accessories & Hair and Make-up

Accessories are awesome and always help bring that little something extra to your photos.  Scarves, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and or course your engagement ring!  All these items are fun and show your own personal style.  Guys can accessorize too but I strongly suggest no baseball caps.  It’s hard to see their eyes and it can cause shadows on their face.  It also makes it difficult to lean in for a kiss!  Don’t forget the shoes!  I will be getting full body shots
during your session and a nice pair of shoes can make it or break it.  Flip flops only belong on the beach!  (Note: We may be walking a bit during your engagement session so you may want to bring shoes with you for walking) Nail art is here and I really hope it isn’t going anywhere!  Your hands will be in the shot and I want to make sure to capture that beautiful ring. Your local drug store carries all kinds of easy nail art kits and Sally Hansen has a ton of nail art options that you can just peel and stick! Now this is not the time for a makeover, remember you want to look like yourself, but by all means get a little pampered.  Get your hair blown out, get your nails done, get a pedicure if your toes are going to show, but please don’t go to the extreme where you don’t look like yourself.