Sabrina & Travis | Downtown Las Vegas Engagement

I don't even know where to start! We met up with Sabrina in Travis in the lounge at the El Cortez and chatted while they finished off their drinks.  We talked a little about how they met and the nervousness that comes with the upcoming photoshoot.  We both assured them it would be fun and relaxing and that they should worry more about how cold it was outside.  Once we got the two love birds out in the fresh air we tried to keep them on their toes so the nerves and the cold wouldn't set in.  I'm happy to say I think it worked.  The downtown area of Vegas has changed so much over the years and the art that has poured in has made vibrant and alive.  We walked, talked and laughed a lot while Sabrina and Travis attempted some sort of game. Just take a look at some of these and you can see the incredible time we had.