Emily & Chris | Aventura Sailing Club Wedding

There are things in life that just go together, that just make sense, that are just awesome.  Emily and Chris are like that…they’re like a real live, living peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  They’re quirky and fun and such a well matched couples. Pawel and I had a great time at their wedding and everything was perfect (not just because they had a giant In-N-Out truck).  They got married at Aventura Sailing Club and it was amazing, the decor was unique, they had an American theme.  Emily’s dress was so flippin cool but her dad’s suit jacket with giant white stars was a total winner in my book.  There was a ridiculous amount of silly dancing at the reception.  We really loved working with Emily and Chris, cheers to you both.

Creative Team

Venue: Aventura Sailing Club | Florist: DIY | Cake: Made by the Bride | Caterer: In-N-Out