Holly & Brian | Mojave Desert Elopement

I just want to start by saying how much I love elopements. The pure joy and happiness that accompanies every wedding is somehow amplified.  Holly and Brian came all the way from Michigan to commit their lives to one another in front of a few friends, family members and all of the Mojave Desert. When Holly contacted us and said her plan was to do photos in some of the most awesome spots in the Mojave Desert, Pawel and I literally jumped up and down. 

We finally got to meet Holly and Brian face to face in Kelso at the Sand Dunes.  The weather was perfect and Holly looked stunning.  We ran through the sand and Brian gave Holly lots of kisses.  Our next stop was very cool to say the least. 

A little way from Kelso is the Mojave Lava Tubes. Hikespeak describes it best, "Within the lava field is a short trail leading to a tube formed long ago by molten lava. A ladder takes hikers down into the tube where skylights (holes in the rock ceiling) illuminate a subterranean world."  It's very cool!

Our last stop was the Hole in the Wall Campground.  This is where our couple held hands said some funny and heartfelt vows (including lyrics from Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up).  The location couldn't have been better. We want to wish Holly and Brian a giant congratulations and a lifetime of laughter and smiles.