Marcela & Robert | Hacienda Wedding in Santa Ana

Marcela and Robert got married at the Hacienda in Santa Ana, it was a beautiful setting for their big day.  When I meet Marcela for the first time she said she fell in love with the Hacienda's feel and I don't blame her one bit, it's a beautiful venue.  Pawel and I met Marcela at the Marriot while she had her hair and makeup done.  Her adorable little girls were excited as their mom got ready and talked about how they would dance the night away.  Once we got to the venue we met up with Robert to put him in place for the first look.  Robert seemed totally calm and very ready to marry the love of his life.  Marcela walked up to her soon to be husband all smiles as she touched his shoulder, Robert turned around and just beamed at his bride.  I couldn’t help but smile myself.  The smiles continued as we walked around the Hacienda taking photos at all the beautiful locations.  They were both so relaxed and had fun posing in front of the camera.  We tucked Marcela and Robert away for a quick touch up before the ceremony started.  The smiles were everywhere again followed by applause as Marcela and Robert were pronounced husband and wife.  With the ceremony complete we gathered the family for a few shots and then we were ready for the reception.  The couple walked into their reception to a live mariachi band and started their first dance.  The reception was fun, lots of hugs and handshakes, dancing and mingling.  At the end of the night Pawel and I congratulated the couple and we got big giant hugs in return.  We had a wonderful time and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness and smiles. Creative Team:

Florist: Hacienda

Cake: Hacienda

Venue: Hacienda

Dress: Davinci

Makeup Artist: Carol S.

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