WPPI 2015

So I may be posting this a little late in the game but I don't care!  Pawel and I learned a lot and had so much fun this year at the WPPI that I just have to share.  If I haven't mentioned it like a 1000 times already the WPPI stands for Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.  Every year they have an expo in Las Vegas where there are classes, talks, photowalks, and LOTS of vendor booths.  This year we took full advantage of all the conference had to offer.  We attended all the parties, including opening night at the MGM, we were inspired by the keynote speaker the AMAZING Joe McNally, attended a photowalk with the super talented Mike Allebach and walk through a giant expo full of new product for me to offer to all you fine people.  Pawel and I also had fun just hanging out in Vegas itself.  We went to the Polaroid Muesum, checked out the Chinese New Year decorations at the Palazzo, and ate lots of super yummy food.  I can't wait for next years learning experience and of the inspiration it brings. Redlands Photographer_2669 Redlands Photographer_2670 Redlands Photographer_2671 Redlands Photographer_2672 Redlands Photographer_2673 Redlands Photographer_2674 Redlands Photographer_2676 Redlands Photographer_2677 Redlands Photographer_2678 Redlands Photographer_2679 Redlands Photographer_2680 Redlands Photographer_2681 Redlands Photographer_2682 Redlands Photographer_2683 Redlands Photographer_2684 Redlands Photographer_2685 Redlands Photographer_2686 Redlands Photographer_2687 Redlands Photographer_2688