Britney & Kyle | Color Fight Engagement Session

Britney and Kyle were fun and energetic from the moment I met them so when it came time to shoot their engagement session I knew they wouldn't mind getting a little dirty.  We found a really cool abandoned road with a beautiful view of the mountains, it was the perfect place for this lovely couple to have a "fight".  These two were ready to go, they laughed and laughed as they pelted each other with mounds of colored powder.  At one point I heard Kyle say "Now I know what yellow tastes like."  Clouds of color rained down all around them dusting their clothes and making them looking like walking Jackson Pollock paintings.  I never stopped smiling during this session, Britney and Kyle just had so much fun and looked amazing doing it.  I am looking forward to Britney and Kyle's upcoming wedding and I truley hope that this is the very last "fight" the experience as a couple. Redlands Photographer_2404Redlands Photographer_2405Redlands Photographer_2406Redlands Photographer_2408Redlands Photographer_2409Redlands Photographer_2410Redlands Photographer_2411Redlands Photographer_2412Redlands Photographer_2413Redlands Photographer_2414Redlands Photographer_2415Redlands Photographer_2416Redlands Photographer_2417Redlands Photographer_2418Redlands Photographer_2419Redlands Photographer_2420Redlands Photographer_2421Redlands Photographer_2422Redlands Photographer_2423