My Trip to Massachusetts

In August I was invited to take part in the Visionspace Gallery all women show "CreateHERs: Women in Art".  I of course said yes, packed my bags grabbed my husband and got on a plane!  The gallery was in Lynn and I was one of five very talented women.  We all had our on genre of art so it made for a very nice collection.  Morgan Dyer specialized in painting, Marlene O'Connor in drawing, Emily Dumas graphic design, and Sara Richard in Illustration.  These women are so very talented it was an honor just being around them.  I was such a fan of their work I will be adding their website links to this post, please give them a look.  One of the best parts of the gallery being in Massachusetts was that I got to visit with my family.  My cousin, Adam, (who happens to be a super awesome crazy artist himself) was our tour guide for this trip, he took us to Salem for the best breakfast and coffee at the Gulu-Gulu Cafe.  He also helped me get my nerd fix by taking me to every comic book shop we could find.  Salem was also where I saw a large transistor box painted up like a TARDIS, my inner (and outer) geek jumped up and down.  One of the special parts of the trip was the photoshoot I got to do.  Adam hooked me up with Georgina who has modeled for him a few times.  Georgina and I had a BLAST, we could have photographed all day.  Pawel and I went all over the east coast, New Hampshire beaches, lost fields in Mass, food trucks in Boston, Oh I really didn't want to leave.  So for now I will just have to wait til I get to go back. Morgan Dyer

Marlene O'Connor

Emily Dumas

Sara Richard

Adam Miller

Visionspace Gallery

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