Gabriela & Robert | Willow Woods Park Wedding

Gabriela and Robert are such a wonderful couple.  I have enjoyed every moment I have got to spend with them.  From our first meeting to our engagement session to their wedding day I have felt like I was hanging out with friends.  Pawel and I got to the venue early to look around and saw Robert and Gabriela's friends setting up the centerpieces and decorations.  I couldn't wait to sneak a peek!  Gabriela had told me she made them herself and I was so excited to finally catch a glimpse.  I was not disappointed.  Gabriela out did herself on these amazing fairytale themed pieces, I was so glad that I had a little extra time to capture every detail.  When Gabriela arrived at the venue she looked simply stunning, she had crystals woven into her hair and was greeted by a gift from her soon to be husband.  Once the final touches were done and the bridal party lined up it was time for these two to get married.  When Gabriela turned the corner to walk down the aisle Robert actually gasped!  His reaction may just be the best reaction I have ever witnessed, it makes me all teary eyed just thinking about it.  During the ceremony they released butterflies. This did not go exactly according to plan.  A few of them however did fly away, the others just kinda slept.  After the ceremony we walked around the venue for their formal photos.  (One of my personal favorites is when Gabriela remembered they were leaving for Europe the next day, the look on her face is wonderful!)  The reception was very intimate and full of love (and smores)!  The rest of the night was laughter, hugs and good food.  Congratulations to this very great couple, I am so happy for the both of you! Redlands Photographer_1886Redlands Photographer_1887Redlands Photographer_1888Redlands Photographer_1889Redlands Photographer_1890Redlands Photographer_1891Redlands Photographer_1892Redlands Photographer_1893Redlands Photographer_1894Redlands Photographer_1895Redlands Photographer_1896Redlands Photographer_1897Redlands Photographer_1898Redlands Photographer_1899Redlands Photographer_1900Redlands Photographer_1901Redlands Photographer_1901aRedlands Photographer_1902Redlands Photographer_1902aRedlands Photographer_1904Redlands Photographer_1905Redlands Photographer_1906Redlands Photographer_1907Redlands Photographer_1908Redlands Photographer_1908aRedlands Photographer_1909