Tiffany & Kurt | Big Falls Lodge Wedding in Forest Falls

Tiffany and Kurt got married on a very rainy day in Forest Falls.  This couple said their "I Do's" the same way they live their life, adventurously!  I have never meet two people so, for lack of a better word, CRAZY!  They mountain bike, climb rocks, climb mountains and I mean BIG mountains and they sleep hanging off the mountains.  So nothing surprised me when it began to rain on their wedding day.  I asked Kurt if they had a back up plan for the ceremony and he said nope, we'll just wait for a break in the weather and go for it, and go for it they did.  When we started the day it was beautiful, very cloudy but just the perfect weather, then the clouds got darker and the rain started to fall.  All of this happened about 10 minutes before the ceremony, 20 minutes later the rain stopped the staff ran outside and wiped down chairs and the bridal party lined up.  The whole wedding party was barefoot and stepped in puddles as they walked down the aisle.  About 3 minutes into the ceremony the rain came back and reared its ugly head, when you look at the ceremony photos the spots in some of the photos are actually the rain drops.  Everyone laughed, some people opened umbrellas the bride and groom simply smiled.  Once they were pronounced man and wife the sun came out for a split second and shined down on them while they kissed.  What a great ceremony!  We spent the rest of the day running bits of family outside during the rain breaks to get their photos done then running back inside.  We had heard that due to the rain and possible flooding they had closed the road into Forest Falls which unfortunately had prevented their caterer from coming up.  After a few phone calls and I believe an escort the caterers made it.  We finally had a long enough break to go outside and finish the couples formal photos and I'm glad we did because I love so many of them.  Tiffany and Kurt are currently on their 1,000 mile honeymoon.  Yes you read correctly, 1,000 mile honeymoon.  They flew to Portland with their bikes and they are biking 1,000 miles home (I told you they were crazy).  I had a great time with Tiffany and Kurt, their wedding was definitely one for the books.  Congratulations to you both and safe travels!