Sarah & John | Downtown Redlands Engagement

I have been friends with Sarah for a few years now and I think she is the sweetest and kindest person I know.  I was so happy when she found John, she seemed truly happy.  When I met John I knew that Sarah had found the one and that she was indeed VERY happy.  They look like they were made for each other.  We met up in Downtown Redlands for their engagement session and walked all around the area looking for little spots to get that perfect shot.  We even ventured into a record shop called Redlands Vinyl Records & Collectibles and the owner said we could take a few photos inside.  I loved this idea knowing what a fan of music Sarah is.  Our afternoon together was a fun one and I enjoyed getting to know John and catching up with Sarah.  I am very excited for these love birds to say their vows this year.  Congratulations Sarah and John! Redlands Photographer_0450Redlands Photographer_0451Redlands Photographer_0452Redlands Photographer_0453Redlands Photographer_0454Redlands Photographer_0455Redlands Photographer_0456Redlands Photographer_0457Redlands Photographer_0458Redlands Photographer_0459