Chelsea & Jacob | Oak Glen Engagement

Chelsea and Jacob's engagement session was so much fun to shoot and it almost didn't happen!  Jacob is in the Army and is currently stationed in Hawaii, Chelsea didn't think that he would be in California until their wedding day so they wouldn't be able to do an engagement session.  As luck had it Jacob came home for a brief visit and we had enough time to squeeze in the session.  It was so nice to be able to meet Jacob before the big day and you could tell that Chelsea was overjoyed by his visit.  I have shot in Oak Glen many times and I always try to make sure the locations don't look the same so this time we went to the Oak Glen School House.  The day was beautiful, overcast and cloudy.  The sun did surprisingly poke out right at the end of our session which was great timing.  I am so excited for their wedding, they are getting married at the same venue that I did!  Congratulations Chelsea and Jacob, I can't wait for April! Redlands Photographer_0414Redlands Photographer_0415Redlands Photographer_0416Redlands Photographer_0417Redlands Photographer_0418Redlands Photographer_0419Redlands Photographer_0420Redlands Photographer_0421Redlands Photographer_0422Redlands Photographer_0423Redlands Photographer_0424Redlands Photographer_0425Redlands Photographer_0426Redlands Photographer_0427Redlands Photographer_0428