Maeve & Mike | Skinner Lake Engagement

When I met Maeve and Mike I knew I wanted to photograph their wedding, so when I got the phone call that they chose me as their photographer I was literally jumping up and down.  They are such a fun couple and when I heard about the details they were planning for their big day I knew we would be a good fit.  When we were planning their engagement session Maeve told me they wanted something different.  I love hearing that, being able to be creative during an engagement session always get the artistic juices flowing.  We had originally wanted to do a snow shoot but for those of you who live here in sunny California you know that simply was not going to happen.  I told Maeve about an idea I had that was themed around painting.  My idea was for each of them to paint their own painting, something that would be special to them as a couple then at the end of the session not only would they have engagement photos but their very own works of art.  Maeve and Mike liked the idea and were very prepared for the day of painting.  We had a really good time and had the park practically to ourselves.  Maeve painted a very cool teal chevron pattern and included a song lyric from Bon Iver's re: Stacks.  Mike painted the Disney castle silhouetted with an awesome sunset behind it.  They didn't give themselves enough credit, they are pretty darn good painters!  I made sure they took home the rest of the paints and brushes, I really hope they continue to paint.  I can't wait for their wedding this year, if it's half as much fun as their engagement session was then I know I'm in for a good time. Redlands Photographer_0375Redlands Photographer_0376Redlands Photographer_0377Redlands Photographer_0378Redlands Photographer_0379Redlands Photographer_0380Redlands Photographer_0381Redlands Photographer_0382Redlands Photographer_0383Redlands Photographer_0384Redlands Photographer_0385Redlands Photographer_0386Redlands Photographer_0387Redlands Photographer_0388Redlands Photographer_0389Redlands Photographer_0390Redlands Photographer_0391