Our Philosophy


Weddings are not cookie cutter, every wedding is different and we want that to reflect in your photos. When you see your photos for the first time or look at them years from now we want you to be taken back to that day, that moment.  We've worked hard over the years to give our couples an exceptional experience from start to finish! We like to build relationships with our couples so we can capture real emotional moments and more natural, relaxed images.


About Us


Pawel and I have know each other for more years than either one of us care to admit. We met the old fashion way, in a bar and have been married for 10 amazing years. In fact it’s really hard to try and remember a time when we weren’t a part of each other’s lives and that makes my heart happy.

We enjoy bad movies, old sci-fi from the 50’s, kung-fu movies from the 70’s and terrible 80’s VHS movies. When we aren’t photographing awesome couples you can find us wandering around the desert or heading to Las Vegas. We truly enjoy being in each other’s company.



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Jenn is a very creative and artistic person. She inspires me every day. I can’t image not having her in my life. There is no one else I would like to wander around this crazy planet with.

Rose AKA Office Cat

Rose AKA Office Cat

This is Rose. She likes to sleep and she’s a bit of a brat. She also frequents our Instagram stories because well, look at that face.



Oh man! That smile and those eyes! I am so very desperately in love with this man. He’s kind hearted, funny, silly and goofy. After all this time he still gives me butterflies.


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